Sample Food Truck Rental Contract & Checklist

Whether you're a food truck owner or potential renter, our checklist and sample rental agreement should help you think through the transaction. For example:

* What happens if there's an accident?
* Who's responsible for what insurance?
* Who's responsible for service and maintenance?

Our Checklist & Sample Rental Agreement were both drafted by a law firm with extensive experience in food trucks. This Rental Agreement has been used in 100's of actual food truck rentals.

The cost is $99 and includes both the checklist and sample rental agreement.
Once payment is made, you will automatically receive your documents.

You will receive the Sample Rental Agreement in Microsoft Word format, so you can make changes and adjustments to it.

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Preview of Sample Food Truck Contract below (page 1 only)

Food Truck Rental Contract
Sample Contract (Page 1)