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Palenque is a company dedicated to providing delicious gourmet Colombian fusions to the New York metro area. Founded by two Colombian women Viviana Lewis and Nena Sierra. Most of our food is prepared from the finest eco-friendly organic ingredients made with love.
Arepas are a traditional neutral flavoured bread patty made from corn and water. Palenque's artesian corn Arepas are made in the traditional way but we also offer three non-traditional Arepas, one made from healthy South American quinoa , another with brown rice and flax seed and a brown rice and sesame seed Arepa. Our Arepas can be topped with arugula, queso de hebra, beef, chicken, shrimp, seitan, portobello mushrooms, organic vegan Italian chorizo and organic vegan chipotle chorizo. We then add of our fresh organic vegan chipotle mayo, guacamole or chimichurri-cilantro sauces. Enjoy!

Located In: 11249

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