Smokey Paws

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For Sale:Food Truck $70,000.00
18’ 2009 Workhorse Diesel Truck

Smokey Paws is a 2009 Diesel Workhorse but the interior was customized in the Fall of 2015. We ran the vehicle for one summer season and the Generator has only 188 Hours of use. Aside from the aforementioned equipment, Smokey Paws is also housed with two Work Tables, a Stand Up Freezer and Stand Up Cooler. It also has a 3 Compartment Sink and Hand Sink, both of which are run from an Instant Hot Water Heater. There are Locking Storage Cabinets above the sinks and Storage Shelves below the Work Tables and the Service Counter. There are two Liquid Propane Tanks. One feeds the Generator while the other feeds the Flat Top, Fryers and Hot Water Heater. There is an Ansul System in the Hood for the Flat Top and Fryers. The vehicle also has a Roof Fan. Although there is no Receiver, Smokey Paws has a Speaker System with Outdoor Brackets on the top of the vehicle. Also included is a Fold Down Exterior Guest Counter and a Fold Down Awning that has Interior Lights.

Located In: 48309

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